Glossybox – Dec ’12

I received my December Glossybox earlier than the expected delivery date! (I was supposed to receive it New Years Eve) but hey, that’s a good thing! I usually cheat and look at what the others (people on the East Coast usually get theirs earlier than us Westerners) get first, but this month it was a complete surprise for me as no one had tweeted about their box yet.

This month once again came with a Glossy Mag, and the big surprise was a silver box instead of the original glossypink!

Upon opening, the Lou Lou sticker hinted that this month’s box is a collaboration with the magazine!

This box was quite heavy upon opening, so I was quite excited to see a couple of full sized items!

Tresemme Split Remedy Sachet (9 mL) – Not too excited with a sachet, as this is easily just one or two uses. I’ve actually used the Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner before, and I liked it. The smell was good, and I don’t know if it really healed my split ends, but I didn’t mind the line.

Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo ( 161 g – $5.99) – Again, I have used this product a couple of years ago and I did not like this. It left white residue on my dark hair and it just didn’t feel fresh. I don’t know if I’ll try it again, or if I should just give this product to someone else. It’s actually a good travel size.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Sheer Rose  (15 mL – $5.99) – This is a full size Revlon nail polish. The only downside to this is that it’s sheer. The colour is pretty, but I just don’t see the point of a sheer polish.. Isn’t the purpose of painting your nails so that you see the opaque colour on? I haven’t tried this out yet, but I might give it to my mom, who prefers sheer, light polishes.

Glossybox Lashes ($12.50/pair) – This is quite exciting. I don’t use fake lashes often as I don’t have the time, and they can get quite pricey. But it’s fun for a night out to put these on. I’m actually thinking of using these for New Years Eve! I like the shape of the lashes, they are full, but not too dramatic. And it also comes with lash adhesive, which is good for girls like me who don’t have any laying around.

Avon Glazewear Intense Lipgloss in Sundance (Full size – price not indicated) – I haven’t tried Avon in a while. I know that their stuff is pretty affordable, and the brand’s been around for ages! The colour I received is a berry colour with gold shimmer, perfect for fall/winter.

Aveeno Positively Ageless Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 in Light-Medium (50 mL – $25.99) – This is a full size item. I haven’t used a tinted moisturizer in a while, so this will be great for the summertime. The shade is slightly dark for me, but come summer, I think it will be a good colour match. I’ve used Aveeno products for a while, and it hasn’t broken me out, so I’m hopeful for this product.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 (73 mL – $22.99) – This is full size. The info card said that we either got a Positively Ageless Moisturizer or this one. I remember I filled out I had sensitive skin for my profile, hence why I received this instead of the ageless one. I’ve received an Aveeno moisturizer in an older box (which I’m using in my skincare routine) and I like it. Hopefully I’ll like this as well.

Nobia Jewelry Earrings – In the info card, it said that once again, 50 lucky glossies will receive a ‘golden ticket item’ (which basically means jewelry). I was excited to receive earrings, as I’ve never received a golden ticket item before! It actually says that they will get a statement necklace from Nobia Jewelry, which confuses me as I got earrings… So I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Actually, according to Glossybox’s twitter, everyone received earrings and there were still only 50 people who received a statement necklace.

Overall, this box was good, but underwhelming. I’ve received Aveeno moisturizers before so it’s kind of redundant. As well, the nailpolish was slightly disappointing with it being sheer. And the Tresemme dry shampoo, I’ve tried before and I didn’t like it. It was nice to receive the jewelry item, but I don’t think it’s fair for only 50 customers to receive an extra item when everyone pays the same amount – everyone should get the same. As well, I’ve looked into what our US counterparts received in their Dec Glossybox, and apparently all customers received a Jewelmint necklace! After comparing what other countries receive in their Glossybox, I don’t think Canada’s been up to par with the price increase. I mean, I keep receiving drugstore products, which is underwhelming. I thought I was supposed to receive new items, new brands that I may have never tried before, to test them out. So, with that little ramble, I have decided to temporarily unsubscribe from Glossybox. Maybe they’ll step up their game in the new year. I don’t want anymore drugstore brands, when other countries get Misha, or Dr. Brandt.

Did you get a glossybox? What do you think of it?


Glossybox – November ’12

The only ‘beauty box subscription’ that I currently have is Glossybox Canada. I used to subscribe to another box, but I have cancelled that months ago.

What I like about Glossybox is that you are pretty much guaranteed a full sized item in each box. I have been subscribed since they launched in Canada (I used to envy the Europeans because their Glossybox were very interesting!) and I am quite pleased with the subscription. Of course, with the price hike to $21/month, it is a fair amount of money, especially if you’ve got bills to pay.. Nonetheless, I can’t wait for next month’s box!

If you’d like to sign up for Glossybox, here’s my invite link! > Glossybox Canada

Now on to November’s box…

Vitabath (170 g – $18) – I’m not much of a bubble bath person so I don’t know how much of this I will use up. But it smells really refreshing! This must be a full size as this is a large bottle.

Maybelline MNY My Gloss (9ml – $7.50) – This is full size. I’m not crazy about the shade, as I like colour and pigmentation. But this sheer shimmery gloss will be pretty for the holidays.

Kryolan for Glossybox blush in Glossy Pink (2.5g – $16.73) – I know that Kryolan is a German company and is widely famous for stage makeup. This was the most exciting item for this month! Love!

Nicole by OPI Kardashion Kolor Holiday Shade (15ml – $10.99) – This is full size. I received the shade ‘All is glam, all is bright’ and it’s very pretty from the bottle. Will have to try this out soon, just in time for the holidays!

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo and conditioner (381ml & 375ml – $5.68) – I am actually currently using the Clear shampoo and conditioner which I purchased at Walmart, therefore I am quite happy with this as I do like the shampoo and conditioner. It smells really good and the smell lingers in your hair throughout the day, which is what I really like in shampoo/conditioner.

Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream (100ml – $3.99) – This is full size. I love receiving hand lotions because my hands are always dry. I’m looking forward to trying this.

Uber Loyalty Card ($20 value) – A giftcard for 50% off at the website. Haven’t checked out the Uber website yet, but we’ll see if I find anything I like there.

Overall, I’m pleased with this box, lots of full sized items. Can’t wait for December’s box!