New purchase – Vaseline Lip Therapy

I have been seeing this new product from Vaseline a lot lately on twitter and instagram (I’ve even seen bejeweled ones, google it). As you may know, Vaseline petroleum jelly can be used on the body and lips as well. But this tiny little product is specifically a lip balm. I’ve been searching so many drugstores for this product, hoping it was out in Canada already. I found this at London Drugs, and it’s the only drugstore I’ve been to that have this in stock. It was only $1.99 for the 7g tub, which I think is a great price for the size! So I couldn’t help but buy both the original flavour as well as the cocoa butter flavour (which is the one I really wanted).

After using this product for a few days, I totally love it! It is very moisturizing and my lips feel soft. It definitely has a balmy feeling on the lips, where you can tell that you have it on your lips, but it’s not uncomfortable or slippery on your lips. (And I actually like more balmy or waxy lip balms, as it assures me that my lips are being hydrated). My lips are not dry or chapped right now (I’ve been using the Lush lip scrub, which has helped tremendously with flaky lips!), but I always appreciate a good hydrating lip balm in the winter time. The cocoa butter scent isn’t particularly strong, it’s quite lightly scented (I kind of wish it smelled more of cocoa butter) and when you put it on your lips, you can smell the cocoa butter but dissipates within a minute, which is good if you don’t like heavily scented lip products.

Overall, I love this product and will continue to repurchase. Especially at the price point, it’s a great bargain. It’s a moisturizing lip balm that isn’t too thick on the lips. I love the cocoa butter, as it’s a bit more special than the original, but that’s just personal preference as they are both the same product.

Have you seen this yet? What are your thoughts?