Lush Goodies – Boxing Day Sale

I did a little boxing day shopping in stores this year. Boxing Day in Canada (as well as other countries in the world) is December 26th, where there are tons of sales and deals in store. Let’s be honest, it makes you buy things you don’t really need, just because it is on sale. But that’s another discussion altogether. I kind of like boxing day shopping, but my patience wears thin. This year, I got sucked into the amazing sale at Lush stores – Buy one get one free!! I raced into the store, thinking that the entire store was BOGO, but of course, select items only. I can’t really recall, but the Popcorn lip scrub, selected gift sets, a specific bath bomb, and certain soaps were the only ones part of the sale. Regardless, it’s still a great sale because I was actually itching to try the lip scrubs that everyone raves about. But then I thought, buying a gift set would be an even amazing deal!

Now, if you recall in my last Lush post, I bought a gift set. So I chose two different sets. I ended up paying about $25 for both sets, or 6 items! What a deal! Now, onto the sets…

This is the lip scrub I’ve been wanting to try! I love the smell, literally pink bubblegum. This is my favourite smelling scrub of them all!

This is the Godmother Soap. This smells amazing! It does smell like cotton candy, but more sophisticated, if that makes sense? I can’t wait to try this!

I’ve never tried Lush’s shower jelly before, but after reading reviews and instructions on the website, it sounds interesting. This smells so nice, going with the sweet, candy smelling theme of the gift set.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel smells incredible! It’s very fruity, which is the scent I tend to go for. It’s got an interesting colour, a dark orange gel mixed with a light orange gel. It’s pretty cool though, and I can’t wait to use it!

This Mr. Punch Soap is definitely fruity as well. It looks like a mix of jellos! So cool, definitely could be mistaken for a dessert, haha! This is a pretty large size of a soap as well, which makes me happy.

I actually have this Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub from a previous purchase, and I’m still in the midst of using it up! It smells lovely, you can definitely smell oranges and fruits, but it’s not overwhelming. This is a hefty size, as after the first use (where it melts soo much) it hardens and the next uses, it doesn’t really melt too much, and the sugar is quite abrasive to rub all over although I kind of like how it’s abrasive (it makes me feel like it’s actually scrubbing, y’know). I’m enjoying using this so far, so I’m glad to have a backup as it is limited for the season.

Have you gone Boxing Day shopping this year? What goodies did you get?


Lush Goodies

I admit, I do not buy Lush items very often because the price can add up (which, I understand, is because of the ingredients) and also, most of them expire within a few weeks because there are no preservatives. My problem with that is that I am quite meticulous with my products and do not use a lot at a time, as I like to keep my products for a while. And I’ve bought Lush hair masks before and only used half of the tub before I have to toss it out because it’s expired. Regardless of that little ramble, I do enjoy Lush products once in a while to treat myself with.

The first item I bought is the Charity Pot hand & body lotion. I tried this on at the store and at first I thought it smelled gross. But then after a minute or so settling into my skin, I could smell the cocoa butter and flowery scent and I loved the strange combination. I couldn’t stop smelling my hands. My mom didn’t really like the scent but to me, it’s an addicting scent, especially with the cocoa butter in it. It’s really unique and it sinks into the skin really fast as well, so it’s not at all greasy. I got the smaller 45g size which was $5.95 CAD.

The second item I bought is the Snow Fairy gift set. This includes 3 items for $23.95 CAD.

This set includes an Angel’s delight soap (holiday soap), Snow Fairy shower gel (limited edition for Christmas), and a Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar.

I must say though, I am not a huge fan of glitter, except for subtle and elegant glitter for a night out or a special occasion. And all three products contain small specks of glitter and shimmer. This would be lovely to use just before going out at night.

This massage bar smells kind of like almonds to me, although on the website the smell is vanilla and lavender. But I think it still smells good, it’s a subtle smell with subtle shimmer.

This soap smells fruity and delicious. On the website they say orange and tangerine, and it definitely is citrusy. The downside with Lush soaps is that they melt soo fast, especially if you keep it in the shower with water and steam. So you must keep it in their metal tins and maybe even keep it out of steam when not in use.

I mostly got this set for the Snow Fairy shower gel. This smells absolutely delicious! It smells like bubblegum and if the colour pink had a scent, I think this would be it. Again, this does have some shimmer in it, but I love the smell so much, I don’t mind having my skin sparkle like a Twilight character. 🙂

I can’t wait to pamper myself and use these products soon! What have you tried from Lush lately?